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  • Todd Butler

Message of Love

Every day is a treasure

Every day is a gift, a privilege, a miracle

Life is not a struggle

It is an opportunity to experience love and happiness every second

Even when the darkest thoughts beset us, especially then

From the bottom of the pit look up and you will see the light shining unstoppable reaching towards you

See it and feel it even at a distance

Envelope yourself in the thought of happiness

Surround your thoughts with light and be nourished by it

The Great Imagination dreams you

It is a dream of love

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Feb 27

Love alway"s does prevail by giving the gift of love and wanting nothing in return then you will then know how it is to be loved. The spirituality part of all humans get tainted along the way and that is why we need Hope and Faith Keep the faith Tim Dusharm😎


Apr 02, 2022

Indeed love is not meant to be a struggle unless you choose it to be so because of limiting beliefs.


Apr 02, 2022

This font is difficult to read... choose one that is not thick and thin. I love the look of this font but for reading online on a screen, it does not work. Try Helvetic?

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